Don’t outsource your email marketing! Don’t become a victim of Outbound Engine

Disclaimer: This article is partially a rant and a review of Outbound Engine, however, it also provides a great deal of valuable content that can be used to improve your business today-guaranteed. Outbound Engine is an online business tool that sends email blasts to your customers twice a month on your behalf in order to keep you top […]

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I f’d up! Everything you need to know before your podcast interview

I was recently interviewed on Mixergy! To give you a glimpse of the talent Andrew Warner has on his show if you’re not familiar, he’s interviewed Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank, Gary Vaynerchuck and even my internet crush, Noah Kagan. He has one of the top podcasts on the internet and I f’d up! Well, […]

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Six months hiding in a cave & vulnerability

I haven’t sent out any emails to my subscribers in six months and now you know why. I want to share why I’ve been so silent and what I’ve been up to. I’m kidding — I haven’t really been hiding in a cave in Pakistan, but needed to grab your attention. Now that I’ve got it, I’ll […]

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Here’s why we can’t hang out: women, alcohol, and having fun

You deserve an explanation! I don’t say no to be arrogant. I don’t say no because I’m too cool for you. I don’t say no because I’m too busy. Yet, I decline your invitation over and over again. I’m hoping that you, my friend, understand where I’m coming from and respect my decision. I’m blessed […]

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New Year’s Resolutions are Pointless! Here Are Mine…

Are you waiting for the 1st to begin obtaining your goals? I am…not! New Year’s Resolutions are a joke! I believe it’s ridiculous to have them only because it’s the “thing” to do. It’s the norm around the last few weeks of December to start to thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Does it amaze you that […]

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Are you looking to make it happen? Are you the next big thing?

Being an entrepreneur has been the most stressful, yet most rewarding job I’ve ever had! Interested in learning from my experiences so you don’t make the same mistakes?